Environment - how green are we?

The long term approach

Autostop has always taken a proactive approach to being environmentally friendly. Back in 1992 we invested in our first forestry to offset the carbon footprint of our motor repair business. We currently have 65 hectares of forestry in New Zealand and our strategic approach is to grow this further once forest carbon credits have been formalised.

What we currently do

All of our old tyres are recycled through MTA (Motor Trade Association) approved recyclers. This approved method ensures that they do not cause further pollution to the environment. All old oil is recycled and this ensures that less oil has to be used and that we do not pollute the landfills.

Workshop floor wash down currently goes into an oil and contaminants trap with unsettled residue going into our sewage system

Future changes

We are currently looking at recycling radiator anti-freeze as this has become a current concern to our society. A further item under consideration are workshop and hand cleaning chemicals where we are currently reviewing opportunities to move towards more environmentally friendly products.