Charities: how Autostop gives back

Autostop is a family business and we are very proud to have been supporting our local community over the last 30 years. Our most significant involvements are through Life Education Trust North Wellington and the Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust. By being a customer of Autostop you are allowing us to continue supporting these important community charities and others.

The Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust

Johnsonville Youth Grants Trust

What is the aim of the Trust ?

To build a better community by developing long term benefits within individual members of the community. These benefits will show in the form of personal and community pride, personal achievement, and community leadership by example.

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Life Education Trust - North Wellington

Life Education Trust

What is Life Education?

Our mission statement: to help give the young people of New Zealand, through positive health-based education, the knowledge and skills to raise their awareness, to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

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